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Terms and Conditions

  1. Introductions

MINDCURRANTMINDCURRANT.COM is an online tutoring platform powered by Foster Corporation Limited having its registered office at Highway Homes (7th floor), Ka-32/6 Shahjadpur, Pragati Sharani, Gulshan, Dhaka-1216 (hereinafter referred to as “MINDCURRANT.COM“, “we“, “us“, or “our“) provides online courses and conducts online live classes, Doubt clearing classes, Quizzes, Assignments, Mock Tests for the registered students for such courses (the “Services“), which Services are accessible at MINDCURRANT.COM.

This terms and conditions under which we will provide services to Members with online tutoring platform (hereafter referred to as “MINDCURRANT.COM”) under bailment and the Members will take services from MINDCURRANT.COM.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual terms and conditions contained herein and for other goods and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree as follows:

  1. Definitions

Teacher: an individual who teaches through MINDCURRANT.COM.

Client: an individual who concludes a contract with a teacher through the MINDCURRANT.COM. This is regarding a student or another person who enter into a contract on behalf of a student.

Student: an individual or entity who plans to attend classes through MINDCURRANT.COM

Lesson: education provided by a teacher through LIVE class.

Services provides by online tuition process: services that the MINDCURRANT.COM offers to support online tuition process.

Members: a student or teacher who creates a personal account and agrees to comply with these terms of use.

Personal (Member) account: personal (Member) account created in order to become a member and get access to MINDCURRANT.COM services.

Use of the site is only permitted in strict compliance with these rules of use.

MINDCURRANT.COM reserves the right to change these conditions of use at any time. During the teaching process, in the case of a change to these conditions after the signing of a contract, terms will apply that were originally stated in the contract.

In the case of disagreement with the provisions of these general conditions of use, MINDCURRANT.COM will not provide access to site.

  1. Description of the site

MINDCURRANT.COM– Online Tuition Platform for the establishment (creation) of contractual relations between tutors and students in accordance with certain criteria.

MINDCURRANT.COM allows the Members to regularly monitor information on teaching and to obtain everything needed for teaching.

MINDCURRANT.COM may provide certain services in order to endure quality education like: training teachers to teach through the platform.

MINDCURRANT.COM acts as an intermediary between the teachers and the client in contractual relations and payments.

MINDCURRANT.COM is not a party to the contract concluded between the teachers and the client.

  1. Use of services

Online services are only for the management of the online tuition process.

To get access to services, MINDCURRANT.COM Members must create and manage a corresponding profile except that the teachers will be signed up by MINDCURRANT.COM.

The site Members must conscientiously fulfil their commitments. In this way, these general conditions of use should be considered in terms of the conscientious implementation of one’s commitments.

Members are responsible for the accuracy of the information they give and hence must provide accurate information. MINDCURRANT.COM reserves the right to verify any information provided by the Members.

Any personal information in the profile can be edited.

  • Use as a client

To create a student account, you must fill in the following data:

  • Name
  • Mobile Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Name of Institution
  • Class
  • Division

If a guardian wants to sign up on behalf of a student, he/she must go through the same process and provide all the relevant information of the student as instructed.

  • Use as a teacher

A teacher will be signed up by MINDCURRANT.COM and will be provided with his/her credentials.

In addition to the above information, the teacher must provide following details:

  • Preferred class, Disciplines, levels of teaching
  • Free slot schedule of teaching
  • Description of work experience

The teacher must give accurate and reliable information about his/her education, teaching experience/s and others.

MINDCURRANT.COM evaluates the relevance of the education the teacher provides. Upon providing false/incorrect information, a teacher will be accountable and obliged to accept any decision taken by MINDCURRANT.COM.COM.



  1. MindCurrant services


  • Use as teacher

MINDCURRANT.COM analyses data provided by the teacher and compares it to the educational course demands, places advertisement, sets payment per session and offers suitable clients.

MINDCURRANT.COM can use any possible mean to select suitable students.

MINDCURRANT.COM agrees to offer students the profile of the most suitable tutor to satisfy all the student’s demands.

After receiving client confirmation that the offer was accepted, MINDCURRANT.COM sends a notification (by email) to the teacher. The teacher has the right to accept or to refuse. If the situation requires the clarification of certain issues, MINDCURRANT.COM provides appropriate means of communication.

Once agreed upon in principle (on a specific teacher and student who are going to sign a contract, on discipline, level, payment, schedule, the place and date of the first lesson) the contractual relationship will move to the status of contractual obligation.

The contractual relationship between teacher and student is a mandatory default, if through means of communication via the MINDCURRANT.COM platform information is not provided indicating to the contrary. Both sides can stop this contractual relationship.

From the first lesson, the teacher must validate lessons in the system up to seven (7) days after each lesson.

MINDCURRANT.COM pays the teacher the amount in BDT when filling in the profile after MINDCURRANT.COM gets confirmation of the lesson. Lesson validation is provided in the teacher’s and the client’s personal account. Client will have 3 days to add objections after validation. After this period, the lesson is considered validated. The teacher receives payment for lessons held in one month no later than the seven (7) days of the next month.

The teacher gets payment for planned but (not implemented) lessons if the student doesn’t cancel at least 1 day before the lesson. The teacher must inform MINDCURRANT.COM about cancelled lessons for the reason given by the student and there is no cancellation in terms designated for this purpose.

If, through unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness) teacher is unable to deliver a lesson, he/she must notify MINDCURRANT.COM and the enrolled students immediately at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the scheduled class so that the lesson can be rescheduled to an alternative time provided by the teacher or MINDCURRANT.COM. With MINDCURRANT.COM’s consent, Teacher must reschedule the class to a timeslot not already taken up for regular class schedule of that specific course. He/she might consult with the students, but not bound to consider the student’s request. He/she must also provide a short reason for the rescheduling. Failure to do so or cancelling three (3) or more lessons in a month may lead to MINDCURRANT.COM removing teacher’s profile from the Platform and terminating the agreement.

In his personal account, the teacher adds the confirmed lesson or notes the cancelled lesson (student’s absent).

The MINDCURRANT.COM is engaged in the transfer of all funds, as it acts as an intermediary payment service. The teacher agrees not to get payment by any other means in terms of these contractual relationships or in future relationship where MINDCURRANT.COM acts as intermediary.


  • Use as client

MINDCURRANT.COM analyzes student’s demands and offers the appropriate teacher from the data.

After the selection of a teacher’s profile, MINDCURRANT.COM initiates a relationship between teacher and client.

Once agreed upon, the agreement in principle (on a specific teacher and student who are going to sign a contract, on discipline, level, payment, and place and date of the first lesson) will lead to status of contractual obligation and the starting of the course.

All the payments must be done in advance of the month on which the course was planned to start. If the client is absent during LIVE classes without prior notice, none but the student will be responsible for such absence. There will be no refund in such case.

Payment for lessons is made from the moment of order on the MINDCURRANT.COM site and with each new order for course continuation, which should be paid online from client account.

  1. Prices (tariffs) and payments

If an enrolment is requested for any Course via the MINDCURRANT.COM, Application or Services, we will either pre-approve, confirm or reject the enrolment request. After confirmation of enrollment, MINDCURRANT.COM will not refund Enrollment fee (first payment to enroll in a course) made by clients. Each and every enrolled client have to pay within Payment Period for continuing his/her enrollment depending on the selections the Student makes via the Site or Application, otherwise the enrolment request will automatically expire. If we are unable to confirm or decide to reject an enrolment request within the Enrolment Request Period, any amounts collected by MINDCURRANT.COM for the requested enrolment will be refunded to the concerned client. When We confirm an enrolment requested by a client, MINDCURRANT.COM will send the client an email, text message or message via e-mail and the Application confirming such enrolment, depending on the selections you make via the Site or over the phone.

The Course Fees payable will be displayed to the clients before the client sends an enrolment request by agreeing upon terms & conditions to MINDCURRANT.COM. Upon payment receipt of the client’s enrolment request, MINDCURRANT.COM will approve the enrollment request. If a requested enrolment is cancelled (before any tuitions are provided), any amounts collected by MINDCURRANT.COM will be refunded to such client, depending on the selections the clients make via the Site.


MINDCURRANT.COM will collect the Course Fees from clients during enrolment request though online payment options.

MINDCURRANT.COM agrees that no refund will be permitted in respect of tuitions already provided and in accordance with the cancellation policy reflected in the relevant Listing,

  • permit the client to cancel the enrolment and
  • refund to the client that portion of the Course Fees specified in the applicable cancellation policy. In case relevant listing does not have a specified cancellation policy, the refund amount would be pro-rata to the unconsumed portion of the tuition.

You agree that MINDCURRANT.COM through its Site would raise system generated invoice to the client in relation to the course for which the client has enrolled or in relation to any kind of payment done, as per applicable laws. MINDCURRANT.COM will raise invoice for the above which shall be inclusive of all applicable Taxes.

You as a client agree to pay the Course Fees for any enrolment requested through online to MINDCURRANT.COM account. MINDCURRANT.COM will collect the Course Fees pursuant to the Payments Terms.

Once you’re confirmed enrolment transaction is complete you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your confirmed enrolment.

  • Cancellations and Refunds
    • If, as a client, you wish to cancel a confirmed enrolment made via the Site or email either prior to or after commencement of the Course, the cancellation policy contained in the applicable Listing will apply to such cancellation provided that no refund will be made in respect of tuitions already provided. Our ability to refund the Course Fees and other amounts charged to You will depend upon the terms of the applicable cancellation policy. Details regarding refunds and cancellation policies are available via the Site. MINDCURRANT.COM will initiate any refunds due pursuant to the Payments Terms.


  • If We cancel a confirmed enrolment made via the Site, email, MINDCURRANT.COM will refund the Course Fees paid by the Student for such enrolment to the applicable Student pursuant to the Payments Terms which shall not exceed the total amount paid by the Student.


  • If MINDCURRANT.COM is not able to continue any courses under any circumstances, MINDCURRANT.COM will refund the Course Fees paid by the Student(s) for such enrolment to the applicable Student(s) pursuant to the Payments Terms which shall not exceed the total amount paid by the Student.



  1. Duties

MINDCURRANT.COM as intermediary between teacher and client: MINDCURRANT.COM is not a part of any controversy between these two sides.

MINDCURRANT.COM is not responsible for incorrect information given by either side.

MINDCURRANT.COM is not responsible for the aftermath of non-compliance with the terms of lesson confirmation.

MINDCURRANT.COM is not responsible for any operations, currency risks included.

MINDCURRANT.COM gives access to the site.

In case of inability to use the MINDCURRANT.COM site or in case of any technical problems, the member cannot claim compensation.

MINDCURRANT.COM reserves the right to make changes to the services offered on the site. Members cannot claim compensation connected to these changes.

  1. Intellectual Property rights


  • Information given to MINDCURRANT.COM

For information, the Members provide to MINDCURRANT.COM is the only holder of the Intellectual Property rights connected with Services, Platform, content (in particular: texts, graphics, patterns, logotypes, video, information on sound carriers, graphic data), and also software and functional databases.

MINDCURRANT.COM provides to the Members the non-exclusive license for the personal use of Platform and Services, without assignment of rights to another person.

It is forbidden to use Platform and Services and content for other purposes not included in this document without the prior written permission of MINDCURRANT.COM.  In particular it is forbidden:

  • to reproduce, change, adapt, distribute, or publish on open sources the Platform, Services and content, except information that was permitted by MINDCURRANT.COM for this purpose.
  • to change the inner engineering connected to Platform and Services except for permitted exceptions for texts.
  • to extract or try to extract (in particular: the use of automatic devices or any other tools for data collection) the essential data from the MINDCURRANT.COM Platform.


  • Information by site Members on Platform

For provision of services according to Platform purposes, the Members provides a non-exclusive license for use of data and content which he gives during use of the Services to MINDCURRANT.COM. The Members permits MINDCURRANT.COM to distribute on digital networks and all links (in particular: Internet and mobile networks). Also, the Members permits MINDCURRANT.COM to place in open access the content of Platform for the external world. During all terms of contractual relationships between the Members and MINDCURRANT.COM it is permitted to reproduce, adapt, provide and transmit the Members data as a member in the following form:

  • The Members permits MINDCURRANT.COM fully or partly to reproduce data for all kinds of digital recordings known today or which will appear in future, in particular all servers, hard discs, memory cards or other equivalents, in all formats, by any means, known today or which will appear in future, in degrees needed for operation storage, preservation, data transfer or loading connected with Platform functioning and providing Services.
  • The Members permits MINDCURRANT.COM to adapt and use data transfer and to reproduce on digital media, acceptable today or which will appear in future, specified in paragraph (i) of this section for providing the Services in foreign languages in particular. Under this right the possibility of implementing, with respect for individual non-proprietary rights of the Members, the changing of the data format in accordance with images on Platform and/or with technical compatibility connected to publication through the Platform, is understood.
  1. Behavioral Rules

The following are the required rules for both sides in a contractual relationship:

  • The teacher creates a course according to the student’s need and level.
  • The teacher shows punctuality, stringency and a serious attitude to lessons.
  • The teacher comes to lesson prepared and balanced.
  • The teacher implements financial obligations connected to income from his work.
  • The student shows perseverance, a serious attitude and punctuality.
  • The student respects the teacher and does all assigned tasks.



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